What is the best way to get started?
What is covered in your Warranty?
Do you offer free or low-cost estimates?
Are you reviewed on Angie’s List or other social or professional media?
Do I need to be home during any phase of construction?
How do I choose the materials for my project?
What are your payment options?
Why does my walkway/patio have bulges and dips?
Will the condition of my lawn be affected by your work and equipment?
What can I do to prevent or maintain moss/weed growth from between the pavers?
What is the soapy white substance on my pavers?
Is it safe to use a snow-blower or plow on my pavers?
Will you need to access outdoor electric outlets or water faucets?
What if my pet walks in the construction area?
How can I provide a review or reference to you?
Do I need to obtain any permits or documents from the town before my project starts?
Are you licensed and insured with the State of CT?
I have some idea of what I want, what are your different options for designs?

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